2017 CC Recap

May 19-21, 2017 at Fire Mountain BSA Scout Camp, Mt. Vernon, WA

What an AMAZING weekend we had—-the weather was FANTASTIC…..the Troops were FANTASTIC….The Leaders were FANTASTIC…The volunteer judges and first aid patients were FANTASTIC….FIre Mtn camp ranger and hosts were FANTASTIC…..The Challenge Dinner Food  Wranglers were FANTASTIC….. and the Committee was FANTASTIC too!!


Attendees: 21 Troops (sadly 3 cancelled)

Head Count: 206 people attended Cascade Challenge 2017

Girl Scouts: 106

Leaders: 41

First Aid Patients: 4

Head Judges: 4

Judges: 45

Photographers: 2

Committee: 5

Challenge Dinner Food Wranglers: 3

Volunteers who travelled the farthest: Judges: one from Tempe, AZ and 3 from Spokane

Troops who travelled the farthest: It’s so close lets give it to both the Omak troop and the Winlock troop.

Cascade Challenges this year were:

  • Hiking & Map/Compass With your ten essentials packed, navigate your way thru the woods.
  • Team DynamicsYour positive & cooperative teamwork skills will lead you to success.
  • Animal AwarenessCougars, bears & more-know their tracks & scat, what to do if you see a mighty critter, and how to properly store your food.
  • First Aid-Beyond the basic band-aid, show us your trail side skills.
  • Campsite Maintenance Demonstrate how well you establish & keep a ‘good’ campsite.
  • Challenge Dinner– Prepare a creative & nutritious dinner with surprise ingredients (revealed to only the Cadette troops upon arrival Friday). All prep & cooking is done without leaders present.
  • New for 2017 Senior/Ambassadors on Friday: In addition to Campsite Setup of the basics. You will continue on to have your site ready/complete to be judged for Campsite Maintenance, without your leaders.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Leader’s Challenge: Paperwork, letting go, & more. This does not affect the Troop’s score.

This was year #35 for Challenge.

Photos: Coming soon, they are on Facebook.

Facebook: GS Cascade Challenge