Judges Needed for Saturday May 20, 2017

Hello Girl Scout Adult Volunteers!!

Cascade Challenge is looking for about Forty Five Fun Folks to be judges on Sat. May 20, 2017.

Date: May 19-21, 2017 at Fire Mountain Boy Scout Camp, Mt. Vernon, WA

Cascade Challenge stations that we need judges for are:

Friday Afternoon:

  • New for Senior/Ambassadors: Campsite Setup-Show us how well you work together to set up your basic campsite.


  • Hiking & Map/Compass– With your ten essentials packed, navigate your way thru the woods.
  • Team Dynamics– Your positive & cooperative teamwork skills will lead you to success.
  • Animal Awareness-tracks, scat, proper food storage, and what to do if you see a big one.
  • First AidBeyond the basic band-aid, show us your trail side skills. We will have live patients!
  • Plus Challenge Dinner– Troops will prepare a creative & nutritious dinner without their troop leader in their campsite. All judges participate in dinner judging.


  • Cascade Challenge is put on by a village of adult Girl Scout volunteers. You can be one of the much needed volunteer judges, we only use adults due to the nature of competition. Perhaps your troop is not yet old enough to participate and you want to find out how it all works, OR perhaps, sadly, your teen-aged troop is not attending, OR you just love to support OUTdoor programs.
  • Judges may request which challenge station they would prefer to be placed at. We try to match that choice as judges are at the same station all day with a team to judge the 24  troops that will rotate thru.
  • There are several time frame options to volunteer as a judge: Camp opens at 4 PM on Friday and runs thru Noon’ ish on Sunday.
  • Come and camp with us for the entire weekend or come for a shorter time.
  • Early Birds needed: arrive by 2 PM on Friday to be a campsite setup judge.

The options are endless:

  • Arrive on Fri. nite and stay thru Sunday Close
  • Arrive on Fri. nite and leave anytime after Dinner Challenge (~8PM) on Saturday.
  • Arrive Saturday morning (arrive 6:30 AM) and stay over till Sunday.
  • Or arrive Saturday morning (6:30 AM) and leave after the dinner challenge (~8 PM)
  • Or come just for the Dinner Challenge (arrive at 3:30 PM, finish up at ~8 PM)
  • What is included? Training and answer sheets are provided for each event, PLUS you will be fed some incredible dishes (vegetarian options too), probably have a whole lot of Fun, and of course receive a patch!! And you get to be out doors in the fresh air.

The Next Step: Email: cascadechallengejudges@gmail.com

  • We will then send you more information to confirm your registration as a judge. All judges do need to pre-register with us of course. Actual station assignments will be done in March 2017.

Thank you, Kat *Bodhi* Cole, Girl Scout Volunteer:

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