CC 2021 Announcement

*As of April 1, 2021 REGISTRATION is now CLOSED*

Hello Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Volunteers – 

The recent impacts of COVID-19 have been devastating for all. Many of the cherished things that we look forward to have been cancelled or postponed leading to a loss of normalcy and community. The Cascade Challenge Committee is empathetic to these impacts. We are also understanding that the health and safety of the troops, leaders, and judges who attend the event  needs to be held above all. It is for this reason, that we will not be holding an in-person event for 2021. 

For transparency, we have discussed several resolutions and alternatives to holding an in-person event. We surveyed previous troops, leaders, and judges and were not met with an overwhelming interest with a virtual event. However, we would still like to be present for you all and have come up with a solution that limits zoom sessions and still allows participants to work on their skills. 

Cascade Challenge 2021: Picture and Video Event 

This event will not be scored and will be free to all participants. Girl Scout Troops/Individual Scouts that participate will be sent a patch.This event is open to Cadettes, Senior/Ambassadors, leaders, and judges.  The event will work as follows: 

  • The event will take place on Saturday April 17th, 2021 
  • During select time slots (schedule will be posted below) there will be challenges sent to your email. Your task will be to respond to the email with a photo or video of the completion of this task.
  • The three categories we will be sending out challenges for are: Lashing, Firebuilding, and Outdoor Self-Care
  • All registered guests will have two hours per challenge to complete the task and send picture or video evidence that the task was completed. 
  • These videos/photos will be uploaded onto our website for others to view and appreciate.  
  • At the end of each event window, there will be a special guest speaker (over zoom) to discuss their thoughts on how they would have completed the challenge. 
  • Saturday evening, there will be an optional campfire where troops/individuals can do a skit or a song. 
  • In order for you to receive a patch, you must be registered and complete a task/attend the guest lecture for 2 out of the 3 events. 
  • Tasks can be done individually or as a group depending on Girl Scouts of Western Washington Council’s COVID-19 restriction on April 17th. 
  • This event is limited to 150 Girl Scouts and Leaders and 25 judges (judges can participate too!) 

The three themes to focus on will be: 

  • All participants must follow the Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints with an adult present for this virtual event.  
  • Firebuilding 
    • If you cannot safely build a fire or do not have the appropriate supervision then you can draw, build, or interpret the task in any  way that is safe. 
    • What is required: An area where you can safely light a fire, wood, supervision (as needed), fire starter -or- pens, paper, craft supplies if a fire cannot be created safely .
    • Task: You will be asked to show how you would build a type of fire. The specific fire frame will be disclosed the day of the event during the task window. 
  • Lashing 
    • Supplies needed: Sticks (toothpicks, chopsticks, popsicle sticks, branches, dowels etc), rope or something you could use to tie (dental floss, thread, etc), proper scissors appropriate to the string/rope you are cutting 
    • Task: You will be asked to build something using lashing. The specific item to be built will be disclosed the day of the event during the task window. 
  • Outdoor Self-Care
    • Supplies: Anything you need to engage in self-care in an outdoor setting (weather dependent) 
    • Task: You will be asked to showcase your favorite outdoor self-care activity 
    • Speaker will discuss the impacts of the pandemic on an individual’s and community’s mental health and the importance of safely engaging in outdoor self-care. 

Schedule for Saturday April 17th 

8:00-10:00 Firebuilding Task 

10:00-10:30 Special Guest Speaker 

10:30 -11:00 Take a hike (go explore your neighborhood or outdoor area)  

11:00-1:00PM Lashing Task 

1:00PM-1:30 Lunch 

1:30 – 2:00PM Special Guest Speaker 

2:00-4:00 Self-Care Task 

4:00-4:30 Special Guest Speaker 3 

4:30-5:30 Dinner 

5:30-6:30 Campfire and closing 

Registration closes March 20, 2021

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