Dinner Challenge Tips

The Dinner Challenge is a long time favorite with the scouts; they love the opportunity to do dinner on their own!

A great way to prepare the girls is to do your own practice challenge dinner as a troop training session. But first… what outdoor kitchen skills do they have so you can leave them on their own (of course you are nearby relaxing with your book) to prepare a meal? Do they know how to properly use knives? Peel vegetables? Cook meat? Think on their feet about what to do with a batch of kale, a box of Trefoils, and fruit cocktail. Do they all know how to turn on the stove? Put out a fire? Practice good cooking hygiene? And so on…

Once you are confident then it is time to give them surprise box of food and then WALK AWAY…. to your camp chair around the corner and out of sight. You won’t be with them in the campsite while they are cooking so give them that opportunity before Challenge to be on their own.

These two links provide sample menu lists from prior years challenge to help you prepare.

Bon Apetit!!

Web Post Sample Menu past years Cadette

Web Post Sample Menu past years Sr Amb